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Warwick O'Brien Architects

Warwick O'Brien Architects

Adelaide, Australia

Warwick O'Brien Architects works to protect the environment and the global population through sustainable architecture, offering a vast array of architectural services encompassing new, alteration and addition projects.

​After completing his degree in Architecture in 1971, Warwick completed the Mt.Gambier courthouse and then travelled to Wellington, New Zealand to work on multi storey mixed development. Eighteen months later Warwick travelled extensively through Asia and the Middle East on the way to Great Britain. Warwick worked in London for three years on major inner city developments including a major refurbishment of the Bond St tube station and surrounding precinct.

Warwick founded Warwick O'Brien Architects in 1995, and now works exclusively on sustainable residential projects that also focus on reducing carbon pollution and energy usage. Warwick helps his clients achieve their goals for ecological living.

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