Toronto, Canada

"“Movement is at the base of my research.” I like to express my feelings rather than simply illustrate them."
I started my Company about 20 years ago to create and design Murals and Paintings on different surfaces, Abstract Photograph, to produce documentaries and short films and to design, construct and set up sets for theater.

As part of an artistic dream team, I travelled along the East Coast Provinces and back to Toronto skillfully painting vibrant murals for Loblaws stores, one more unique than the other. During the time when Mayor Mel Lastman turned Toronto into a “moose-eum” as the winner of a design competition, I was given the honor of creating four Moose: One “Beer Moose” that stood on guard at LCBO’s Harbourfront head office, and the other three around the city, “Wine Moose” “Spirit Moose” and the “Canadian Whiskey” (at Yonge and Wellesley).

About my style
In my paintings or photographs, I like to express my feelings rather than simply illustrate them. "Movement" is at the base of my research. Colors are layered upon each other, according to my own logic and than become open to any interpretation. Those who view them have varied comments based on what they note personally. For me It's almost like I can enter into the painting and feel as I'm part of it. When I start my paintings I do not have a definitive idea. Only after revising them can I see that feeling for which I was searching.

I graduated from the Academy of Art in Florence, specializing in painting, cinema and photography. I am now a well established Contemporary Multimedia Artist with over twenty years of progressive experience in Fine Art, here in Canada.

At the Rouge Valley Hospital, I painted and donated a 22’ by 9’ mural depicting a calm landscape with flowing waterfalls.
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