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Virginio Ferrari

Virginio Ferrari

Chicago, IL

“Virginio Ferrari (b.1937) is an internationally acclaimed contemporary sculptor, who has exhibited his work in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and throughout the United States. Ferrari’s monumental sculptures can be found on street corners and public parks, at universities and libraries, corporations and in private collections in Chicago, and all over the world.

Since the early sixties his sculptures have participated with the environment allowing the interaction of sculpture and casual observer, giving the modern city a human dimension. With over thirty monumental public sculptures in Chicago alone and other works acquired by civic, museum, and corporate collections in Atlanta, Deyang, Florence, Guayaquil, Los Angeles, Milan, Philadelphia, Parma, Rome, Shanghai and Verona, Ferrari has been a consistent presence in the international art world resulting in over 50 solo exhibitions, while participating in more than 150 group shows.

Ferrari’s work has been described as lyrical abstract sculpture in bronze, stainless steel, marble and granite. Integrating sculpture into the architectural environment, often playfully in contrast to it, at other times fully participating in it, consequently his work is preoccupied with creating situations that delight the eye in the parks, streets, squares and corners of the city.
Ferrari currently divides his time between his studios in Chicago, USA and Guardistallo, Italy.”

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