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With his own history, the artist Vincent has been producing canvases, drawings, and sculptures since 2004, which he calls Minatore. In Italian, it means Minor. As a tribute to his father, Minatore is the journey of a Sicilian immigrant leaving, in the middle of the 20th century, his poor and agricultural region for a brighter future in the coal mines of northern France.
Born in 1953 in Carvin in the Pas-de-Calais mining region, Vincent is above all a self-taught.
He taught stone sculpture at the Sayde Bronfman School of Fine Arts in Montreal for five years.
Collaborating with architects, Vincent has produced several monumental works integrated into architecture in France, Canada and Mexico, Costa Rica, India and Russia.
Today, he lives and works between his workshop near Arras and the one he occupies for half the year in Mexico.
His works are present in numerous private and public collections in France, Germany, Switzerland, England, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia, India, and Japan.
He has produced several solo and group exhibitions and has participated in international symposia of monumental sculptures.
The Vermont Studio Center (residence of American artists) offered him a research grant in 2010.
He is a member of the Maison des Artistes and of AIESM (the International Association of Monumental Sculptures) under the pseudonym of Vincent.
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