Vince Koloski Studios

San Francisco, CA

“I work with light because of its emotional and symbolic power. Light has a primal attraction to humans. It is a source of comfort, power, and beauty. It produces food, provides warmth and power and is a beacon of security in the night. It is a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment and goodness. It is also a singularly lovely medium.

Making books that use light to create the content marries the symbolic and the practical aspects of light. Light in its role as symbol of knowledge illuminating the symbols which transfer and preserve knowledge is a powerful melding of medium and meaning. The presence projected by a book-like object in which the words and images seem to float in space between the covers is one that appeals to human perception in a way which seems to bypass the rational entirely. This is an irony given that the book is the human invention most responsible for creating the information-based civilization we live in today.” - Vince Koloski

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