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Seattle, WA

"We make super rad tables"
I’ve always been fascinated by individual pieces of natural material and how each piece differs in character and charm. This especially rings true with me for wood.

Trees are among the oldest inhabitants of this world. They have been here for millions of years preparing this place for us, cleaning the air, enriching the soil and providing the complex, perfect mixture of gasses for us to breathe. We would not be here without trees.

So it is very important to me that when the living spirit of a tree ends, that I take great care in utilizing its form in a way that respectfully reflects and honors the life it provided us. I tend to spend a lot of time with each matched set of slabs listening to their voice to determine the most practical and beautiful way to create a table with a lasting impression.

I liken people sitting around a table sharing a meal, creating plans, and gathering ideas, to a forest where the trees stand together contributing to each other for generations. And with this philosophy, I would like to introduce you to VIMANA.

VIMANA is a Seattle based design company that specializes in unique, contemporary, live edge slab and steel table designs that blend form and function with old world craftsmanship. Each piece is hand-built from carefully selected, locally salvaged woods.

Each table is hand built in Ballard, WA where direct access to the tree salvage teams as well as other reclaimed materials from the Seattle area are paramount to the process of creating the finest pieces of functional art of the highest quality that exceeds expectation.

VIMANA has caught the eyes of some of Seattle and Portland’s top firms in 2013: Add3, Couch Seattle, Connors & Co. and Wax on Spa to name a few.

But, VIMANA is more than custom tables. VIMANA is a vehicle. VIMANA is the oldest known word referring to airships, flying carpets, or Chariots of the Gods. VIMANA is a channel of creative freedom to do all things I desire to do with my art and design concepts. And like the VIMANAS of the old texts, I am free to go where my spirit and materials lead.
Wescover creator since 2019

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