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Vilenica Studio

Belgrade, Serbia

"We bond traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art into new forms of expression and then bring them into everyday living spaces. Sense the Uniqueness."
During my Textile Design studies, I had an opportunity to explore the fantastic possibilities of handmade design and traditional craftsmanship. The greatest feeling and excitement this creative process brought up in me came from the mixture of a commercial and artistic approach to wallpaper and textile design.

Over the last 18 years, I have immensely enjoyed exploring various areas of design and art as I enriched and developed my skills and creative thinking. After graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade I spent a year as a visiting student at the Department of Modern Art at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. After these studies, I started working for the reputable Rasch Textil in Bramsche, where, after starting as an intern, I soon became a full-time textile wallpaper designer. This was a superb and enriching experience as well as a great opportunity to gain very valuable knowledge about different markets throughout the world as well as first-hand experience in organizing mass production and its workflow.

Shortly thereafter I found myself facing a tough professional decision between the artistic and the commercial approach to my work. I made a decision to become an independent designer and finally intertwine my two great loves - applied and fine art.
Founding Vilenica Studio was a determining step in my desire to dedicate myself to custom and handmade design.

At Vilenica Studio we draw inspiration from everyday life, nature, and art as well as in finding perfection in the imperfect. Our work methods involve continuous research within various artistic disciplines and techniques as well as traditional crafts.
Commitment to detail and the combination of balanced compositions with the flawless performance of our handmade wallcoverings and textiles is something that makes every moment of creation special. And with noble materials that are already sophisticated by themselves, that magic seems to transform and improve any space.

All our handcrafted products are unique, environmentally friendly and completely developed in our studio.
Since no machine can achieve this artistic freedom of movement, all our beautiful and unique textures and patterns are produced by natural movements of the hand.

Wescover creator since 2021

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