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Troyes, France

"Fine art mineral painter."
Victor Baroni, an artist based in Troyes, France.
Drawing and painting have always accompanied him. Self-taught and very curious, he learned a new technique little known in France.
Epoxy resin, this viscous liquid, that he dyes in the mass with the help of pigments or uses pure as a varnish on his paintings. By hardening, it gives the appearance of glass and brings depth and brilliance to his works.
He loves to mimic the stone and give a mineral touch to the artwork.

He works layer by layer the resin until the desired effect. Patience is required when using this medium. Indeed it is necessary to wait 24 hours so that the resin is hard to the touch.

Inspired by mother nature, its minerals, its skies and its oceans. His colorful and unique works give a luxurious and contemporary touch to your interiors.
Wescover creator since 2020

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