Vicky Anna Lardschneider

Munich, Germany

"Waterlandscape in birdview"
Growing up as a city girl I was lucky to spend most of my time at Lake Chiemsee and thus built a deep connection with nature. This place is highly meaningful for me, because it taught me acceptance – acceptance for myself and the way I feel. There is nothing judgemental, and feeling this freedom from society’s pressure is exactly what I am transcribing artistically in my work.

I moved to Innsbruck to study architecture with the focus on experimental architecture, where I created more art than anything else. After graduation I was working as an junior designer in visualisation in Vancouver and Hawaii, crossed the atlantic with a cargoship, experienced different cultures, but I always kept the distance to the water small.

Water is the element that brings me the closest to myself. It makes my feel almost the way I did in childhood. There is only acceptance. Nature consists as a constant, unstoppable flow of energy and life, free from judgement. It keeps you in the present moment and teaches you to appreciate that. Throughout my artworks I create my own cosmos of nature, my very own ocean, and a place where I can always go to – a whole universe that allows my inner being to show myself on the outside.

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