Vicki Denaburg Art Studio

Birmingham, AL

Vicki Denaburg was born and raised in Amory, Mississippi. As a school girl she always had an intense interest in art, color and design. Following high school, she turned her love of art and fashion design into a colorful career in the beauty industry. This led her to Atlanta where she became an Estee Lauder make-up artist; honing her skills in color, layering and blending pigments on faces; perfecting the techniques to complement and enhance one's features.

Following a move to Birmingham in 1984 with husband Eddie, Vicki became a cosmetic buyer for Parisian, and eventually, Account Executive for ten years with Estee Lauder. A mother of two boys, Joseph and Matthew, Vicki’s desire to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time artist finally came to fruition in 2002.

Turning her talents to the canvas, Vicki is inspired to portray her love of color and design thru layering and blending of different mediums, with palette knife, to create powerful abstract compositions. With similar execution, Vicki enjoys depicting landscapes, figures and still life in a loose, expressive, contemporary style. Her love of art and design have always been a factor in developing her painting style and beautiful works of art that compliment any setting. She thoroughly enjoys working with clients and designers to create a perfect piece to complement and enhance the elements of the interior's design; pulling just the right colors and textures from fabrics and wall colors. She enjoys the collaborative nature of working as a team to create special pieces to become the focal point of any room.

Vicki says about her work: “Painting, for me, is a heartfelt passion and becoming an artist is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Although I have been inspired by and painted with many artists over the years, I am mostly self-taught. I continue to aspire to develop my unique style by experimenting with different mediums taken to a whole new level. With a palette knife, I work to create unique pieces by layering different mediums in a way that will speak to the viewer with excitement and interest. I have a passion for abstract art that comes from within and is rarely preplanned.”

Vicki’s work can be found in collections throughout Birmingham and the Southern United States. She is represented in several galleries in the South. Her artwork has been featured in several Major Motion Pictures and TV films.

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