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Vicente Albán - Paintings and Art
Vicente Albán
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Vicente Albán

Madrid, Spain

"Vicente Albán was born in Quito, Ecuador around 1725. In a work commissioned by José Celestino Mutis (Spain, 1732 ~ 1808), one of the initiators of scientific knowledge in America and passionate about making the botany of the region known, in 1783 a series of six paintings to send to the Crown. They were part of the collections of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid, then integrated the Ethnographic Section of the National Archaeological Museum until 1941 when they entered the Museum of America in Madrid, where they are now.
In the paintings he represents natives and whites in the foreground, surrounded by trees and fruits, with a numbered reference to make known the products of Quito's soil.

The works made with the technique of oil on canvas, measure 109 cm wide by 80 cm high.

In the images below we have highlighted the references and descriptions of the author, to enlarge them you will find a reproduction of the original work."