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Vera Primavera


Vera Primavera is an Ecuadorian graffiti artist and tattoo artist. In both disciplines his work revolves around mysticism, magic, intimacy and women.

As a graffiti artist, she explores the image of women in the city doing exercises to vindicate her, claiming a visual space that for decades has been taken by capitalism through advertising, plaguing our cities with feminine images with a distorted, patriarchal vision. and consumerist

The women that Vera paints have a complex, uneasy, imposing, hard and subtle femininity at the same time, captures the magic she sees in the women around her, who she meets on the road and in herself; delving into deep, spiritual and natural facets. She portrays femininity from her own vision so her work is often autobiographical, each wall has a history and a load of questions, discoveries, fears, joys and sensations. She has painted murals around the world in multiple cities including: Chihuahua and CDMX in Mexico, Bogotá in Colombia, Quito, Cuenca and Ambato in Ecuador, Trier, Limbach-Oberfrohna and Mühldorf in Germany, Vienna in Austria, Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg, Lyon and Saint-Dié-des-Vosges in France, New York and Harrisburg in the USA, Loures in Portugal and Helsingborg in Sweden

In her project as a tattoo artist, "Minimum Rituals", Vera investigates the symbolic strength of the ritual; She becomes a witch and designs spells that she engraves on the skin with multiple purposes such as protection, healing, evocation. Its objective is to allow its wearer to put his intention in an exercise of empowerment of the body and its spiritual fields to be able to manifest in life’s high desires. Tattoo by hand, without a machine, which in contrast to its activity as a graffiti artist, feeds its need for intimacy, softness, detail and patience.
Wescover creator since 2019
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Street Art
Helsingborg, Sweden
Selina Quito
Quito, Ecuador
Offside Gallery
Décines-Charpieu, France

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