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Valerie Leuchs Fine Art

New York, NY

Valerie has been creating art since childhood: sewing clothes with her mom, designing costumes for her high school shows, and painting just about everything.
She grew up in Maryland and took courses at Maryland Institute of Art during high school and college. She studied Fine Arts at Boston College. After graduation Valerie worked as a make-up artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and then in marketing at financial services and retail companies. About a year after she had her second child, in 2017, Valerie started painting more regularly. Painting has given her the creative outlet she was missing since leaving the workforce.
Valerie lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her husband and two boys. She paints using acrylics and often integrates pencil and pastels onto the canvas. Her most recent work is abstract with bright colors and bold shapes. Valerie paints by adding many layers of sheer pigment onto the canvas; she likes when the first layer or raw canvas peeks through in the finished piece. She aims to create a piece that is cheerful but calming and balanced. She draws inspiration from things she sees over the day, like a bouquet of flowers, a print from a dress, or a pocket of colors from a page in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar.
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