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uzo hiramatsu

Fukuoka, Japan

"The way I create in my art is to let go of the physical control by controlling my consciousness. What does painting and expression mean to me? It's a tool to get in touch with your inner self. Through painting, I open up my inner self, which is hidden within, in front of me. Draw in as much coincidence as you can. Incorporate it into your expression of self. Contrast something from the unconscious with the techniques of self-consciousness. We want to create harmony. Find on the screen things that have already been primed there, like colors, stains and scratches. In response, I draw lines and add color. In the midst of the chaos, something is born. In response, I fiddle with it. I erase, draw, erase, and draw again. and so on. My paintings are an improvisation of myself and the world. I don't want to show it as a finished picture. A sense of beauty that has just been rewritten in me. I would like to continue to transmit my sense of beauty to the world in a raw way."
Born in 1954 in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. After working in advertising in Fukuoka City, he went independent as an illustrator in 1954.
After that, he gradually shifted his activity to that of a painter. In addition to his annual solo exhibition at a Zen temple, he also paints for hotels and apartments.
He has been involved in a variety of artistic activities, including painting performances.
From 2013 to 2017, he held a solo exhibition of his works with flowers at the Zen temple "Rinzai-so Sesshin-in" in Fukuoka City.
2017 UZO DRAW, a DVD of improvisational drawings, is released.
June 2018 A collaborative exhibition with a Guatemalan artist on the theme of the Hannya Shin Sutra was held at Rinzai Zen Temple in Fukuoka, Japan.
In October 2018, the paintings were collected at Louis Vuitton on the first floor of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi.
In November 2018, she exhibited her work in a four-person exhibition at PACEROUND, Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan.
Paintings were collected by Taiwanese collectors at the ART KAOHSIUNG art fair in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in December 2019.
In May 2020, paintings were collected at a membership theater at an art center owned by Alibaba's Beijing headquarters.
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