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UUendy Lau

Hong Kong

"Double u - a language that connects people ü-ü"
UUENDY LAU, a novel and original design laboratory. “Double U” is a unique recognition of our founder. It is not only a symbol of Double Happiness ‘ üü ’, but also a language strengthening the connections among individuals ü-ü .
We are interested in stimulating discourses and conversation through art, design, (fashion) objects, illustration and participatory creations. One of the main themes of our projects centres on ‘animals and nature’, a universal subject permeating all cultures, languages and lifestyles. The notion discloses an absurd scenario in my hometown, Hong Kong, where people live in a small, crowded and hectic city, and they long for a utopian lifestyle with freedom and a sustainable co-existence with urban development and the real nature. The concept also corresponds with our design principle highlighting 'connection', ‘life’ and ‘empowerment’ to re-consider our presence and relationship with the surrounding contexts and matters.
Wescover creator since 2019

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