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Umberto Menasci

Rome, Italy

"Less but better"
Umberto Menasci ,born in Rome in 1972, after about 3 years of Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Law, decides to completely change the direction of his studies. In 1995, he  enrolles at the European Institute of Design in Rome to study Interior Design and Furniture Design.
After graduating in 1999,  he partnered  with some architectural studies for about 3 years.
In 2002 started his own business,  realizing his first Store of Shirts "ASOLE E BOTTONI",  in the Historic Center of Rome.
Today Umberto Menasci mainly deals with design of houses (residential) and  shops. The next step is to be able to realize Furnitures in the Design Industry.
In 2014 starting using the technologies of 3d printing try to
explore the design of jewels inspired to the architecture and 
engineering forms with the brand SOON jewels.
2015 International collaborations with the office of interior design of Nurit Leshem as interior/product designer and 3d visualizer.

Wescover creator since 2019

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