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Umberto Dattola - Lamps and Sculptures
Umberto Dattola
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Umberto Dattola

Ome, Italy

I love to shape things and use the most diverse materials. Actually, due to education and affinity, wood is the subject closest to me. Creating, passing over functions, assigning new aesthetic and practical identities, is what moves in me almost possessing me. The only purpose is beauty, those moments of immobility that kidnap, to which it is impossible to remain indifferent, suspended without time and tension, for a few precious moments.

My work is guided by the search for those objects in which feeling enraptured, absorbed in an a-temporal dimension, entirely one's own, intimate, is the dialogue between the innermost part of me and my doing that guides the realization of my works. I don't want to build to please, but for a search for meaning, for completeness.

I use my hands as a tool, because dirtying and marking them, I find the entirety of the process, from the drawing to the final realization, which only in this way restore a sense of completeness that satisfies. Each object is entirely built by me, from beginning to end.

My professional and artistic career is certainly original and tortuous, I graduated at the end of the 90s with full marks in Economics and Commerce at the University of Brescia, and immediately afterwards I graduated from the School of Art Furniture of Bovolone (VR).

At the beginning of the 2000s I tried to get hold of the woodworking techniques, working in various carpentry shops in the Veneto and Lombardy regions, and then I founded the Wood Sensitive . Since 2009 I have been drawing and building, mainly for Clab4design , but also for other companies, furniture and furnishing accessories, between art and design, widely reported in the press and industry blogs.

My creations are exhibited in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Miami, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Eindoven, Feldkirch, Rome ...