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Ulloo 42

Costa Mesa, CA

"Style Elevated."
Ulloo 42 believes in elevating stylish furniture and other house fixtures beyond their original visions. Our design products are unique in that they revive traditional crafts and reimagine existing furniture and lighting to create functional pieces of art.

Ulloo 42 sources unusual, interesting furniture and lighting. Each piece is then given a complete makeover; imagine a piece of furniture as a piece of art, this is how we approach every one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Ulloo begins with the power of two. "2" being two beings that had complimentary trajectories with global proportions. Add "40" and you can get lost in a divine number Ulloo 42 is shooting for with the first collection.

This collection is notable for being "re-born" or tranformed into the vision of fine artist and interior designer Suzanne Currie and her co-founder, Lise Abraham, who both found themselves in Southern California from origins in England. Suzanne also spent many memorable years in Africa, which has been a continual source of inspiration for her art and design work.

Currie sources pieces for their uniqueness and inherent potential for inspiration and development into something very special. "Each piece is made with love and many hours of working by hand to invidualize them." Currie says. "In this age of unlimited choice we felt the need to pare down and offer a small selection of items that we hope will resonate with people."

Co-Founder Lise Abraham was of like mind from the start. "We hope that in these pieces you will see the global influence that we have both been fortunate enough to have had in our lives." Abraham adds. "Suzanne wanted to give these pieces a new life by approaching each piece as an art project, whether it is a sofa or chair, a lamp or other object. From there they become unique, hand-crafted pieces."

Abraham says their passion for creating these pieces has gotten them more than half-way to 42. When asked what would happen then, Abraham smiled and said, "That is a magical number, you know. Look it up."

Currie has a passion for combining bold color and pattern, and her sense for collage work spills over into creative intersections of texture and shape. "Art and creativity have been a constant in my life. I'm always making things, and I love it. I have so many new pieces in the pipeline."

Abraham also has a background in transformations, albeit on a larger scale. She beautifies entire properties as her main line of work, but Abraham says that Ulloo 42 has quickly become an all-consuming passion. "Using something that already exists and then completely transforming it appeals to our aesthetic of re-purposing into something new. Isn't that what style is really about?"

We also create limited collections of accessories that perfectly reflect our design sensibilities. In these pieces, the spirit of creativity and reinvention are directed into the construction of fun and inventive lines of original accessories that incorporate a multitude of texture and an array of color.

Elevate your style and dare to be different!
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