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Tyler Wintermute

San Francisco, CA

"I was born in 1982. My real last name is Wintermute, which was changed when my family came to Ellis island about ten generations ago. Originally I went to school for film, at San Francisco state. After I graduated from college I started really enjoying drawing a lot more than I thought I would and it became a very therapeutic habit for me. When I turned 26 (about) I decided I should start making as much art as I could, instead of just treating it like a hobby.
I've grown a lot since then. The last few years I've been experimenting with painting and drawing on wood and paper, with a more basic organic traditional approach. Besides that, all my work has been drawn with pen&ink on paper, then colored and combined in photoshop, usually with bits and pieces of photographed objects collaged with in. Every piece on this website bares a digital watermark signature and is not the same size as the real signature on the surface of the piece. My computer crashed in early 2015, and I lost a lot of my high-resolution print files so some of the images on this site are a smaller size and cannot be reprinted."
Wescover creator since 2017

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