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Tyler Helfrich

Davidson, NC

"Creating paintings that help us rethink color and sit in nuance"
Born and raised in the beautiful southeast, I have cultivated a lifelong love affair with color. My paintings are energized by my fascination for the mind's perception of color and informed by my background in poetry and interior design. I see each painting as an opportunity to celebrate beauty, explore color relationships, and to learn more and more deeply about how to see our lovely world.

My process begins by offering myself permission to play. in order to explore fully paint as a medium, I challenge myself to get comfortable with being messy. I trust the process of paint: building layer upon layer to add history, depth and dynamic. it doesn't look perfect all the time; but if I’m patient enough, the image always emerges.

I currently live in Davidson, North Carolina, where my husband and I own coffee business and I work as a full-time painter and mama to two sparkly barefooted babies.
Wescover creator since 2019

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