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Trish Grantham - Street Murals and Public Art
Trish Grantham
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Trish Grantham

Portland, OR

"I moved to Portland, Oregon in 1998 with a broken heart. My ex-boyfriend was a painter and I helped him with composition, but I had never done art on my own. So when I made it to Portland, I decided to buy some art supplies, get really good at painting, and kick his ass! Within a few years, I was showing all over the city and doing a lot of commercial work. I have shown all over the country, and can't believe that being an artist wasn't part of my life from the beginning. Now, I’m an artist though and though. I have carried that same passion over to interior design. As an interior designer, I create individual spaces that reflect my clients as well as the inner artist they don’t know that they have. My passion is to create spaces that grow and evolve, and not fall into trend. I find quality pieces, not pieces that lose life with time. Let’s create a forever space together, with an artistic influence that will make your neighbors envious."