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Topher Straus

Golden, CO

"Topher Straus Fine Art"
Topher Straus creates works of fine art in his hometown of Golden, Colorado. His portfolio consists: original aluminum landscape paintings, acrylic canvas paintings, and limited edition aluminum prints. Straus has been creating art for more than 20 years and is featured in exhibitions around the nation.
Straus’ recent work comprises ten landscape paintings of our National Parks, entitled “The Parks”. The series is part of a solo exhibition by Topher Straus at the American Mountaineering Museum. Works from this series and countless other Straus paintings and photographs have shown and will show in numerous museums and galleries throughout the country including: Katonah Museum of Art and Barrett Art Center—both shows are juried by associate curator Akili Tommasino of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
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Straus’ landscapes are well-composed and easy to admire on a computer screen; however, you can’t appreciate their best qualities, until you see them in person. Straus starts by digitally painting over a photograph with colors from the photo itself, inventing a landscape that is directly related to, but not bound by, the restrictions of the initial photograph. The landscape is sublimed onto a large aluminum sheet—the subliming process, bonds dye to the aluminum on a molecular level—and then coated in a glossy resin; to give it a partially mirrored finish.
Michael Paglia Art Critic for Denver’s Westword had the pleasure to view Straus’ “The Parks” exhibition. He had this to say: "Given the high-tech methods and the semi-gloss surfaces, the result could be too slick and commercial, but the expressionistic handling of the outlined forms prevents that. The landscapes are simplified and conventionalized abstractions of the views and have a retro-cubist quality, along with a dash of Yellow Submarine."
The inspiration for Topher’s art comes from decades of living in, and exploring the Rocky Mountains, admiring tree-flooded valleys and silhouetted, mountain peak sunsets.
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