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Tony Vazquez-Figueroa

Tony Vazquez-Figueroa

Miami, FL

tony vazquez figueroa, is a venezuelan artist with a background in film and advertising. His experiences in cuba 97/98 and in venezuela throughout the years 2002/ 2010 redefined his perceptions of art and opened new paths of discovery.
With great inventiveness vazquezfigueroa uses source materials such as bitumen, crude oil, glass, eraser clay, photographs, among others, and manipulates them to create works that oscillate between beauty and strangeness. “In my work”, he explains, “the materials are crucial to the development and understanding of the piece. I find that taking this materials out of their usual context and placing their qualities in service of other ideas causes a strangeness that is very intriguing and satisfying… and it’s even better if something beautiful arises in the process of creation through deconstruction and subtraction….yet, and always, the main concern is to bestow those qualities of the materials to the piece so the meaning of the work is ‘understood’? felt?…internalized… at a non-rational level ”.

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