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Tony Gallo

Padua, Italy

He began his artistic career as a musician, playing in a band until 2008, the year in which he became interested in the world of painting, a passion that he has always carried over the years and which came to fill a void after the folding of the group.

His self-taught approach allowed him to consolidate visual and experimental compositions without following a precise method of operation, but attesting his character through a language close to the world of street art.
Consequently, it paved the way moving him into painting using a wall rather than a canvas as a support, always conceiving works of art as a purely emotional vision.

His work began to be characterized by a multiform style in which anthropomorphic characters come to life, animals that get confused with man, where nature makes poetry.

The use of materials such as the spray can, a typical hallmark of the writers of the world, the fast stroke and gesture in the composition, mark Tony Gallo among the new artists who look upon a path that brings the distinctive stamp of an emotional art, in which the characteristic of poetry, magic and feeling blend with the colours and the harmony of a universe created by the author's imagination.
The new means of global communication, such as social networks have enabled a rapid spread of the collective unconscious of the artist's media recognition, thus creating a visibility that soon gained space and approval by, initially, the local Paduan community, and then the street environment and the art world, where the first affirmations arrived.

The sensitivity of his characters that watch the viewer in a calm and mute manner, has become a unique symbol of a silent and attentive generation that thrives on dreams and expectations.

These representations arrive at the heart of the city that is populated within the walls on which his figures are coloured, thus arriving at a collective identification.
In 2016, the city of Padua rewarded him at the Galileo Innovation Festival with Noi#Generazione Merito.

Over the course of several years, the city walls have been "graffitied" by the magic of Tony Gallo and his works are found in various sites: in primis in his native Padua, then in Imola, Treviso, Dolo, Bassano del Grappa and his language translated into paintings has been imprinted in many solo and collective exhibitions in Padua, Rovigo, Vicenza, Treviso, Bassano del Grappa and London, where he has gone beyond his lexicon towards an increasingly international outlook, reaching the Netherlands and Switzerland.
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