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Tom Franco & The Dreams

Berkeley, CA

Tom Franco - Artist / Producer / Director
I am an American fine art sculptor, ceramicist, mixed media artist and painter. My artwork is made up of 80% of found materials that I find and collect from all over the place. I consider myself a folk artist, outsider artist, and collaborative artist. I get a lot of inspiration from my environment and the people around me. If I was a boxer you could call me a "counter-puncher". I try to come to art-making from unpredictable ways, which translates to the time, place and conditions of where we are making the artwork. One of my favorite ways to make art is on location, in collaboration with the desired venue, where we make work that represents the moment. That is why I have come to call my team of artists more of a performance band, like musicians on tour, but instead of music, we make art.

Tom Franco & The Dreams:
I work with my "band of artists" which functions as a music band, with me as the lead singer, making visual artworks :)
Tom Franco and the Dreams is a group of 3-7 emerging art talents, living and working in California.
Wescover creator since 2019

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