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Todd K. Lown - Murals and Street Murals
Todd K. Lown
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Todd K. Lown

Seattle, WA

Is a designer, illustrator, and painter working in Seattle, WA. His art and work are focused on graphics, movement, depth, signage, drawings, and painting. Todd is the founder and co/owner of Sausage Skateboards; he has created graphic art for a wide variety of clients, including;
Bud Light, Red Hook, Alive and Well, Lil Woody's, 95 Slide, GNU, Quicksilver, Bellevue Skate park, Urban ArtWorks, The Gates Foundation, 4Kids Productions - TMNT, Becker & Mayer, Artful Dodger, Manik Skateboards, Starbucks, K2 Snowboarding, Think Thank Productions

While living in New York from 2004-07, to really cut his teeth in a fast-paced environment, he worked on TMNT, as a background inker/colorist, attended SVA and worked for 2 years as a Production Coordinator. Missing the West Coast he moved home and then on to design and implement many pieces of public art in the greater Seattle area. His art has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide: ‘The Sign Show’ in Seattle and Portland, ‘Too Art 4 TV’ # 2-7 in Brooklyn, the Brattleborough Art Museum in Vermont, Dauminkino (The Flip Book Show) in Düsseldorf, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium, and ‘Vagrant Royalty’ in Tokyo, Japan.