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Todd Gray - Art and Street Murals
Todd Gray
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Todd Gray

Los Angeles, CA

"“I cannot escape my love for Pop art. I never could. It’s part of my DNA.”"
I was born in the same year that pop art (as fine art) came into the spotlight of the world and their images have had profound effects on my life and my art. The clean lines, bright colors and powerful energy were very strong influences on me. I always loved the simplicity in which pop art communicates large ideas through the simplest of means. My canvas is simple geometric cubes…very similar to the ones I grew up playing with as a child. I paint with bold colors and clean lines, on simple geometric forms and combine them with powerful design and well thought out imagery. My intention is to create my own unique and recognizable visual language. Something that is not easy to do in today’s world.

Todd Gray is a modern-day contemporary pop artist. He says, “What I am doing is more or less sampling what great pop artists have sampled in the past…Be it Warhol’s soup cans or Brillo boxes, or Lichtensteins’ cartoons or Indiana’s numbers…I’m using abbreviated and sampled classic images of pop from the past and trying to combine them into new, relevant and recognizable contemporary pop art…Cartoons, Superheroes, hashtags, social media, emojis and so many other things that our modern-day culture embraces are all elements of today's contemporary pop art. These were all created and built upon the backs of popular cultural images of the past…The classic pop artists of the late fifties and sixties brought this into the true fine art realm and I am continuing this tradition by intermixing them into my own unique and recognizable visual language.”

Todd Gray has been a fine artist for over thirty years and his studios are located in Los Angeles California.

BORN: August 31, 1962
EDUCATION: University of California, Los Angeles, B.A. San Francisco Academy of Art