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Tina Karpenchuk

Bowmanville, Canada

"Abstract Artist"
Tina Karpenchuk is a mixed media artist who paints bold abstract works of rich texture and vibrant colours. “For me, painting is a manifestation of the human soul. My paintings are very personal. They are the embodiment of my emotions, and my views of the world. My work is constantly evolving and it mirrors my journey of spiritual growth and awareness. What I seek, primarily through my art, is to evoke an emotional response; a connection with people. I use colours to express the joy in my work, in the world and in the human spirit. I’m constantly trying to find new ways of doing that in my painting. And, as a result, much of my work is very experimental. I don’t follow a particularly straight line in my studio practice; I tend to twist and turn. My current body of work explores the space between spontaneity and deliberation. It’s about the contradiction and interaction between the carefully constructed and the unexpected; controlling the process while welcoming the ‘joy of chance’.”
Wescover creator since 2020

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