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Tina Dinte Artist

Brisbane, Australia

"Truly unique artwork designed to bring colour into your life!"
Happiness, joy, nostalgia and peacefulness are some of the emotions viewers feel when they look upon Tina Dinte’s artworks. And how is this achieved? Tina’s in-depth knowledge of colour and a unique perspective on how certain colours affect people emotionally.

From careers in IT, to graphic design, colour consulting, interior stylist and renovator, Tina has spent her entire working life using colour – whether it is creating a steel grey corporate logo that whispers ‘high-class brand’ to suggesting a bright pink colour scheme to portray the ‘loud and quirky’ nature of a jewellery designer, Tina has always used colour to invoke a particular emotion in the target audience.

Now a full-time artist, she has taken these skills into creating bespoke artworks for Australian and International collectors. From her ‘tiny home’ shipping container studio, she approaches an artwork firstly by how she wants the viewer to feel, independent of what the subject matter is. She believes vibrant colour palettes can portray happiness and uplift those with energetic souls. Or for serene individuals, creating an artwork with subtle hues is something they will be drawn too. Once the ‘feeling’ decision has been made, Tina considers the composition of the artwork.

The subject in Tina’s paintings are inspired by her bushland property, daily adventures, conversations with strangers and her large collection of books. The intricate details in her work come from studying everything around her – patterns and textures in nature, the linework of a building, the squiggly lines of coral, the typography of landscapes, the flow of moving water and even the movement of animals running. These subjects are portrayed in her unique ‘drawing’ style of painting.

Heavily influenced from her graphic design background, Tina developed a style of painting that throws out the brushes, instead she ‘draws’ with paint onto the canvas with squeeze bottles. Each set of bottles has different paint consistencies — thick / normal / thin. The metal nibs enable Tina to do all the fine detail, just like she would do with a sharpened pencil when finessing drawing. Tina can produce paintings with wonderful textures and depth using areas of solid colour, different line thicknesses, stippling and blending of paint.

Tina’s ‘non-assembly line’ approach to art means each piece takes several weeks but as her ever-growing list of commissions indicate, collectors are loving her unique style of artwork and as long as the paintings make people ‘feel’, Tina will keep on creating.
Wescover creator since 2020

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