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Tim Sherman - Cups and Planters & Vases
Tim Sherman
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Tim Sherman

Frederick, MD

I am a studio potter working and living in Frederick, MD. I hold a B.S. in art and design from Towson University and currently exhibit my work in galleries across the United States. My work references both historical and modern wood firing and forming techniques. The unique palate of colors and textures created during a long firing heavily influence my forms and surfaces. Flame pattering and firing schedule play a huge part in the aesthetic of my work, while smooth glazes and ergonomic features aid in functionality. In an effort to maximize efficiency and productivity, I single fire my work in a large anagama style kiln located next to my studio. Most recently I have added two more wood kilns to my practice; a train and a soda kiln, and in September of 2019 my wife and I had our first child, Lola.