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Tibor Hargitai Art

Toronto, Canada

Tibor Hargitai is a Hungarian-Canadian visual artist, born in Budapest and currently living and working in Toronto.
Since 1991 his exhibiting internationally with a main subject of Time-Space-Life, braking molds and dogmas about art.

In the last years of the XXth century he build mirrors in to his sometimes 3dimensional surfaces, even putting some paintings out to the the curb after completion. All of these to test, where does the creation process of the painting ends and how to get the observer involved. He went as far, as writing his painting as poems, for nine years, “DOT TO DOT”.

2014 he started showing works with a new philosophy, concept and method he named DOTART. Started to install a chain with a marker to the middle of his canvases, old and new, in museums and art fairs. It is an absolute inclusive and interactive art form, since the observers are invited to work on the painting with the installed marker during the show. By design the results is, always a ‘dot’ of overlapping information on the surface, hence the name DOTART. It is an equalizer. Everyone is equal, no gender, ethnicity or age can be detected on the results. The painting always current, relevant, contemporary. Finally, Time-Space-Life is united and a hundred years after Malevich, a supersuprematism is achieved.

In 2015, T.H. introduced “DOTART WOMEN” to honor women. Many of these canvases dealing with the questions relevant to the times. Migration, phobia, violence, racism. Following year, with the “TOTEM WOMAN “series, the art-object itself become a marker in time, space and life.

In 2018, a new series “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” was triggered by a turning point in time. The death of STEPHEN HAWKING /who tried to warn us about Artificial Intelligence/. The same day, T.H. introduced a new motif on his paintings, a SKULL. His works also started to getting filled with /OIOIOI/ the binary language of the A.I.. The Skull is an other equalizer. These compositions are a stark reminders of the ever stronger influence of the empowered algorithms on our fragile humanity.

In 2020, he started his “END OF DAYS/ blind as a skull” series.This body of work is focusing on environmental issues, pollution and Artificial Intelligent. Also stretching our understanding of TIME-Space-Life. All this is in the middle of the pandemic of COVID-19.

T.H. paintings can be found in many private and corporate collections in Europe and North America.
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