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Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Good work has an effect on the user similar to natures calming yet invigorating power."
Here's my view on architecture, design, art:

Any build space inhabited by us humans is like a sum and it requires balance, It’s a sum of the objects, their position and function, of empty space and sightlines. Of light and shadow. And probably most essential you and yours.
It’s never just about the literal space, instead we experience space in a broader sense. The actual feeling of an environment is realised not by the usable but by what we can see, and more then that since we can actually fool this seeing capacity, we can create the sensation of space even if it isn’t there, or if it’s not part of the actual functional space that we inhabit.
The objects that fill the spaces are again living up to this sum that need to be balanced. Contrasts and materials can create a richness that give us a backdrop to paint our lives upon.
Within the objects we surround ourselves with you again meet this sum, this balance, and no balance does not mean that all needs to be “in” balance, off-balance can actually be in balance. Well there you go. It all makes sense 😉
I’m not the type of designer that is easy to cast , I do not have this one clear language to recognise me by. I don’t believe I should, my love in architecture and design is rooted in an organic vision, this can find it’s way in natural shapes, however for me it’s about the whole of our environments, An organic layout, piece of architecture or interior can have this organic set-up, in a sense that clearly supports functions by guiding you. Not however by endless signposts, but like a river following the creak. So not by showing you everything, but just the next step.
Like in nature it’s the sum of what you can and can not see that draws you in. Surprise and wonder are essential to touch us in our core humanity, it connects us with ourselves and with eachother.

I've been making big and small projects with my business for over 20 years.
As a self-educated maker the joy is in the ever lasting learning curve, to push all the projects and materials to their limits, to play with space and our experience in it. I love it.

hope you enjoy my work, give me a comment if you do, I would love to hear what lights your fire,
Kind regards,
Wescover creator since 2020

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