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Thomas Saliot

Palma, Spain

Born 1968 in Paris

I studied in Paris in ESAG, met de Penninghen for 3 years, then a years in Beaux-arts in Versaille. I never was the 4 years old with a gift and a passion for drawing, all came with work and time.

I had a gallery for 10 years in the Marais in Paris. I did various exhibitions but I doubt a list would help you much. Mostly working with Saatchi art since 2012. Art online and social network is the best thing that ever happen to artists. Live wherever, ship your work, promote yourself and have a constant feedback on your work !!

All my work is oil on canvas, « freehand » from photos I do or find all over the web. It is a bit in the spirit of a blog (terrible word) where I use iconic images like a snapshot of our centuries. I always liked the sound of Pop art and I think that is where I belong, a mildly modernized version. Have a fondness nowadays for Artiste like Jeremy lipking, Malcolm liepke, Robert McGinnis, John Currin, David Hocney, John Kacere,...

One more thing about my way of working, I constantly listen to Audiobooks while painting and this is incredibly helpful for my concentration. It is also a great gift to keep your mind alert.

I have a huge collection in a messy file so I very seldom can credit the original artists and truly apologize for it. Tumblr is God!

I have been traveling and living in a different place all my life France,India, Brazil, Ireland, Morocco, and now Spain.

I'm now in Mallorca and a bit of Paris and Marrakech.
Wescover creator since 2020

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