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South Africa

"TheUrbanative constantly explores the role and importance of cultural & heritage representations in modern societies, with the aim of telling or retelling of African stories through modern furniture and product design in an effort not only to solve problems but connect people."
TheUrbanative is a contemporary African furniture and
product design company in South Africa. The furniture and
products are differentiated by the juxtaposition of
abstracted African cultural graphics, motifs, lines, forms
and inspiration with the functionality & look and feel of
modern, midcentury and bauhaus furniture silhouettes
guided by the philosophies of craft, collaboration,
authenticity and design evolution for the urban native.
All of the products are designed and manufactured in
South Africa.

Started by Mpho Vackier an engineer turned furniture
designer, TheUrbanative constantly explores the role of
culture and cultural representations in modern societies,
with the aim of telling contemporary African stories
through furniture and product design.


We BELIEVE that design should make life better.
We BELIEVE in Form and Function.
We BELIEVE that functional design should always look
We BELIEVE in authentic design.
We BELIEVE that juxtaposition is the spice of life.
We BELIEVE simplicity is sophistication.
We BELIEVE in studio pets.
We BELIEVE in collaborating with amazing creatives
We BELIEVE AFRICA is the ultimate place to be.
Wescover creator since 2019

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