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The Most Famous Artist - Murals and Art
The Most Famous Artist
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The Most Famous Artist

Los Angeles, CA

The Most Famous Artist (TMFA) is a collective based in Los Angeles that uses art to control the media and influence global consciousness. The goal is to create a media, product and real estate empire through art with the intention of driving real change in the way people hear about, think about and feel about issues that matter.

The leading artist behind TMFA is a Stanford graduate with dreams of making a name for himself in the tech scene out west. But around 2012, with the institutionalization of Silicon Valley something changed drastically for TMFA. His dream was crushed. He could not imagine anything and had trouble identifying a new dream to chase.

TMFA started his career in art by saying "sorry." He felt that he could not create until he got some things out in the open that surfaced during his intervention from tech mogul to contemporary street artist.

"When I finally returned to my cottage from the trip of a lifetime, I concocted a plan to 'become' an 'artist.' A performance artist. A street artist. A fine artist. A famous artist. I wanted it all. And I would use the Internet to do it.” – TMFA