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The Fisher
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The Fisher

New York, NY

Fisher Electronics was a United States-based subsidiary company of Japanese electronics conglomerate Sanyo specialising in the field of hi-fi electronics.

The Fisher was the brand name for high-end, high quality hi-fi electronic equipment manufactured in New York by The Fisher Radio Corp. during the "golden age" of the vacuum tube, which was named after the company founder, Avery Fisher.

During this period, similar brands were H.H. Scott, Marantz, Harman Kardon, and McIntosh. Some of the early 1960s models were also available as kits. Fisher tube equipment is considered quite collectible today.

Fisher's first receiver was the model 500, a mono AM/FM receiver using two EL37 output tubes. It had a brass-plated face panel and an optional mahogany or "blonde" wooden case. This early mono receiver should not be confused with the later stereo tube receiver models, the 500B and 500C. These later receivers made in the early 1960s were stereo using push-pull 7591 output tubes. They were also sold with optional wood cabinets and had aluminum faceplates instead of the brass on the earlier 500 receiver.