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The Dancing Tapestry

San Diego, CA

Hand Dyed Yarn Wall Hangings and Bohemian Tapestries.

My name is Alicia Baskel. I am a choreographer, a writer, a mother, and a fiber artist.

I started making tapestries when my second daughter was new. I was in my home way more than ever before and noticed that I wasn't inspired by the energy. Everything felt harsh, stale, and uninspiring. I'd seen some hand-dyed fiber artwork and thought they would be perfect for softening my walls a bit and adding new color and vibrancy.

What I didn't realize was that making these tapestries would satisfy my creative urge. Dance and writing had been put aside while I took care of my infant, but I could make yarn tapestries right in my kitchen.

And so I do. During naps, after bedtime, you know the drill.

It makes me so happy to share my work with you all and see my work in your homes. Thank you for being a part of The Dancing Tapestry.
Wescover creator since 2019

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