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Tewsr - Street Murals and Public Art
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Los Angeles, CA

"T.ruth E.xists W.ithin S.elf R.ealization - is merely one of the acronymic meanings attached to the A.K.A. of this artistic anomaly.

T.E.W.S.R. continues to explore the use of practical self-taught methods of observation to create a more surreal shine to his aerosol art and fine art as well. Born and raised in Orange County California and now living in Los Angeles, Tewsr began his creative warpath simply as one of the unseen masses. Eager for the direction he found himself lost in adolescence creating without substance and with a wilted ambition. The search for a more virtuous outlet led him to the unbounded world of graffiti art in early 1993 and has encapsulated his world ever since.

Tewsr works in various mediums; such as acrylic, oils, sculpture, graphic design, and virtually anything within reach. His hybrid style of graffiti art melded between an air of realism continually pushes the boundaries of traditional graffiti art and illustration; while stylistically adding a gritty twist to his fine art and commission work. Easy going and humbled by his philosophy “If I never learn everything, I will only gain more in pursuit of that knowledge." Tewsr will no doubt be on the course of new techniques and ideas to captivate the minds of the seasoned gallery patron and perceptive street art enthusiast alike."