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Ted Fullerton

Toronto, Canada

"“My objective with public sculpture installation is to inspire and make relevant through symbolic gesture and image the importance of place within a humanist context of diversity and inclusiveness with an aesthetic that is intriguing, thus provoking thought and consideration while instilling a sense of community pride.”"
Ted Fullerton is a Canadian artist who works in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture and has achieved awards in all four media. As a figurative artist his work is symbolic in nature. The conceptual foundation and ideology within his artistic practise is humanist in nature emphasizing the notion of belief, purpose and relationships: being and becoming. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally and is represented in numerous private and public collections. Along with his regular studio practice he has been commissioned for a number of public sculpture commissions. He has participated in over 55 solo exhibitions and 100 group exhibitions. He was awarded, Excellence in the Arts by the City of Barrie in 2010, the Georgian College Board of Governors Award of Excellence in 2012 and has been a member of the Royal Canadian Academy since 2009. As an educator, he was professor and head of the Fine Art Program at Georgian College, School of Design and Visual Art from 1978-2013. He has also been active as a curator, where he has focused on artist’s work or collections that have caught his interest.

Fullerton's body of work possesses undercurrents of human emotion and mystery. Many of his explorations have dealt with themes and myths revealing his concern with spiritual and magical worlds. For Fullerton "mythic symbols are entry points to the unconscious." Through these devices he investigates the duality of human nature, the tension between the rational and the illogical, the physical and the spiritual, the intellectual and the intuitive. Whether he is working in oil, printmaking, sculpture or mixed media drawing, in intimate or monumental scale, Fullerton's creative process is spontaneous and gestural with sensuous and bold texture, line and movement.
Mary Reid
Curator, Art Gallery of Winnipeg
(Currently: Director/Curator, Woodstck Gallery, Ontario)
Wescover creator since 2020

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