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Tatyana Murray / Tatyana INC

New York, NY

"By Discovering Nature You Discover Yourself." Light is my Medium"
Over 25 years ago I moved from mostly overcast London/ Paris to New York. I was struck by the clear blue skies and the piercing white light emanating down on the city. Ever since that seminal moment Light has played a pivotal role throughout the different bodies of work.

In the “Refracted Light Series”, floating images are created by etching each, stacked, transparent sheet. The motion programmed led lights illuminate the markings, creating the allusion of constant flux. ‘Urban Nature’ is a series of underwater dreamscapes. This work is created with re-appropriated materials. For example, the light refracts of the multitudes of semi translucent piping and staples.
In both series, at the heart of this disorienting movement lies stillness, the ‘SPACE BETWEEN’, where the spectator can slow down and reflect and breathe…

The work has been exhibited in New York City, London, Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Cannes, Venice, Bahamas, California and Hamptons.
Wescover creator since 2020

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