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Tanner Gauvin

Boston, MA

Edges of color vibrate against a field of softer marks. A grey mediates the energetic synergy between the colors while black forms frame or create voids within the abstractions. Repeating patterns pulled from glitches in phone screens suggest their own sense of space. Bold brushstrokes and hard-edge forms sit both on and in constructed fields of pattern and mark.
In my work, I seek to combine graphic forms and human touch in a language that oscillates between the two while forcing them together. The paintings explore dualities of flatness and dimension, reflective versus matte, and soft-touch against hard-edge. Working in industrial materials including acetate, Mylar, and house paint, I create pieces that show they are made by hand. Layers of acetate build flatness into three-dimensional space while utilizing a Photoshop-type logic. Marks, patterns, and fragmentations transfer energy into the painting via human touch, movement, repetition, and color.
People and technologies exist in layers. People are windows to larger cultural systems and mobile screens are reflective of the people that hold them. Humans and computers coexist in skins of each other.
Wescover creator since 2020

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