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New Territories, Hong Kong

Testament to his talent and popularity, the artist’s credits include a sold-­‐out exhibition in London, successful solo shows and numerous group shows in Hong Kong. Szabotage originals have also been exhibited at The Asia Contemporary Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong. Commission clients include Louis Vuitton, Jaeger LeCoultre, Deutsche Bank, H Developments, The Ritz Carlton, Pret Manger among other brands and establishments.

Szabotage has painted for the HKwalls street art festival and was a finalist in the global art battle series 'Secret Walls,' where he became notorious for his old-­‐school graffiti style and onstage antics. These antics debuted on the TEDx stage in 2017 with his talk ‘Resilience is the Ultimate High’

As well as being known for his street art and studio works, Szabotage explores art in a new perspective through a variety of spaces, including floors, interiors, cars, motorbikes, sculptures, and buildings. Szabotage challenges typical canvas limitations, through upcycling and recycling and has created pieces using deconstructed metal cans and wood, sculptures from the tops and bottoms of aerosol cans, and constructed frames made from tin.

The artist is best recognized by his subversive koi fish, an image born out of rebelliousness and non-­‐compliance, that would eventually become his signature tag.
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