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United Kingdom

"Extraordinary art for extraordinary people"
My name is Ed. I’m a UK artist creating large abstract paintings that are sold and collected all over the world. I hand deliver all my art in the UK (because I believe in personal service); I also ship to 42 other countries.

I create one-off original paintings; lovingly crafted, exquisitely detailed and filled with an honesty rarely seen in today’s disposable marketplace. I use my own formula enamel paints.

Originals are never replicated, and I don’t do prints of anything. What you see is exactly what you get. Every paint stroke, every photograph is done by me.

I work very hard. Every day in fact. You cannot achieve something great if you sit on your arse all day waiting for it to happen. This is the reason I am here. I found the one thing I am good at and my reputation is growing rapidly because of it.

My energy and determination is relentless and I never settle for second best. When you buy into my art you get the whole experience, not some corporate dick worrying about his commission.

I’m doing things differently. I built my own art gallery with my own bare hands and it only has my art hanging in it.

Whatever you want – you got it!

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