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Suzy Schultz

Atlanta, GA

"My paintings and drawings explore the struggles, longings and spiritual seeking of the human experience"
Suzy Schultz grew up in St. Petersburg FL, and was encouraged in her art by her artist mother, and later her boss/mentor at a missions agency. She has painted full time since 1995. Her work has won many awards, and has been shown in museums and galleries throughout the US, as well as in art books and magazines. Most recently her work won an award from the American Watercolor Society, and is part of their 2018/2019 traveling show. She was also a 2018 and 2019 Art Renewal Center Finalist and will be featured in the upcoming “Splash 21” watercolor book.

Most recently, Suzy has ventured into street art, taking the fine art of the studio outside, onto sides of buildings. Her murals can be seen in Atlanta, GA and St. Petersburg, FL.

Suzy lives in Atlanta, GA. Her work can be seen at Art on Broad, Augusta, GA; dk Gallery in Marietta, GA; as well as on her website at, and on Instagram @suzyschultz11.

Suzy writes of her work:
There is a first innocence – a beauty that is young, unmarred, untested.

There is a second innocence – one in which the beauty is a result of the scars borne from the battles of life. I am interested in this second innocence.

I work the surface. I sand, layer, and scar, wanting to reproduce a piece that has a patina of age, and it is out of these surfaces that figures emerge. I seek figures, faces that seem to be familiar with the tensions of life. That bear some battle scars. And yet, have victory, even if a crippled or limping one.
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