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Carlsbad, CA

"Patent Pending. Decorative and Interchangeable Nail/Screw/Tack Covers"
I've created a new category within home decor that is now patent pending!

My invention is—the decorative nail/screw/tack cover.

Since is the first of its kind, you might still be asking yourself, “what is and how does it work?”

I like to refer to as "jewelry for your walls." Or as my husband says, you can use to "hide your shame". They are decorative embellishments that easily clasp over any standard size nail/screw/tack to improve the aesthetic. They can be used in conjunction with any suspended piece of art (such as a macramé wall hanging or framed pictures tethered by twine from a screw) to hide the unsightly nail/screw/tack, elevate the art and give it the finished look it deserves. can also help to hide blemishes or holes in a wall and they can also act as a standalone piece of art—beautiful an intriguing in their own right.
Wescover creator since 2019

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