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Susan Weinthaler

Brooklyn, NY

“Life is not static, so if art is about life then art should MOVE.
It is the artist’s responsibility to recognize and translate truth. One truth I explore is how complex structures are built by applying simple rules, so I make Bits. A Bit is a unique object that is outfitted with a magnet on the back. It can exist as its own independent work of art, for it’s really quite lovely all by itself, but Bits are intended to be grouped together so as to create something larger, something with a life force. The idea is that it’s a flexible system for manipulating artistic information in a very concrete and physical way as a manifestation of scientific and technological theories.

Magnets offer the perfect mounting system for infinite potential configurations when placed on a steel canvas. Bits are not meant to be still, they are meant to be perpetually deconstructed and reconstructed. It’s the whole point.

It’s a format where I can explore the diversity of medium as well as content. I love using different materials and am highly mindful of the surface of each Bit because my work is meant to be touched. They are sanded buttery smooth and then coated with all kinds of protective products. You could say I have a fetish for finish.”
Wescover creator since 2018

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