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Susan Cooper

Denver, CO

Art serves as a compass to determine and explore our place in the world. It is a fulcrum, linking the physical world with ideas, memory and vision. I have the honor of constantly reflecting a continually changing, perplexing, and marvelous world that we all occupy.

The studio work is a personal view. I strive to visually connect conceptual views to history and to nature. I often combine two and three dimensions. Two-dimensional images create illusions of depth, while three-dimensional art is typically object oriented. Combining the two affords the opportunity to build illusion out of objects and objects out of painting, thereby creating a paradox. This contradiction of dimension mimics our imaginations, perceptions feelings and daily lives. The studio work often addresses life cycles, changes in time and place, and the nature of art itself.

Each public art project takes me into a new world, broadening my experiences and offering greater depth to my work. My public art is site specific, each piece is unique, ranging from murals to freestanding sculpture. Although highly conceptual, the art always refers to history and the nature of the site or situation. I collaborate with professionals from every discipline—architects, engineers, developers and public administrators.

The media choice is determined by the concept and location of the art. Some of the media I use are bronze, light media steel, copper, aluminum, concrete, wood, oil and acrylic paint, glass, plastics, and granite.

My installations are at universities, hospitals, parks, museums, theatres, an armory, a police station, City Halls, transportation systems and stations, a garage, and is in several private collections.

Los Angeles is my original home. My art education was in painting at the University of California, Berkeley, where I earned BA and MA degrees. After two years in New Mexico, I moved just outside of Denver where a former barn is my studio.
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