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Summer McClinton - Street Murals and Public Art
Summer McClinton
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Summer McClinton

New York, NY

"Round Midnight is a direct and immediate outlet for the creative production of Summer McClinton (me). My art is about connection. I care about being alive – immersed in the experience of Being Here Now. If you’ve found yourself here, then for this moment at least, we’ve found each other. You’re thinking the words I’m writing.

All of the objects on the site are created in response to an inner impulse: a desire to pursue the stream of ideas that is running through my head, and I believe, is also running through yours. At it’s highest function, this site will serve as a fully transparent portal into one perspective on the life that we’re all experiencing. I hope it evolves that way.

I live and work in Harlem, NYC. My illustrations, comic books and graphic design are created at home and my paintings are done in my chashama studio 20 blocks south. I make prints at the Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop . "