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Sugarhouse Ceramic Co.

Seattle, WA

Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw met in 2013 at a coffee shop in Seattle and were married six months later. They have lived in a Volkswagen van, an apartment with pink carpet, and a vintage airstream they restored together. They discovered their love for ceramics during their time living in their airstream and started going to pottery classes separately. She at a local community center and he, as part of his undergraduate degree. Natasha, a full-time illustrator at the time, began selling work on the side and slowly they began to make pottery together. Weekends began by toting their giant plastic folding table from outside into the airstream and spending the day slab building while watching old episodes of Little House on The Prairie. They quickly outgrew their 188sq feet of living space and began dreaming of a bigger space in the woods.

A year later they sold their airstream, moved to Vermont, and bought a ten acre patch of woods with a tiny cabin on it. They christened it the 'Sugarhouse Homestead' because of an old stone sugarhouse foundation they found in their back woods. Shortly after they built themselves a little pottery studio in a grove of maple trees and the Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. was established. Sugarhouse Ceramics are born from a love of illustration & design that Natasha brings from her former life as a designer at Anthropologie and previous career as a studio artist. Brett brings to the table his love of business and well-made goods, as well as a splash of perfectionism and good craftsmanship.

Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. is the couples’ first joint business venture and most days you can find them drinking lattes and making pottery or planning their next trip. To check out what they're up to at the homestead on a regular basis you can find them on Instagram.
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