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Studio Robert McKinley
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Studio Robert McKinley

New York, NY

Robert McKinley's designs are notable for transporting the visitor to another place and time, creating a momentary escape from the present. With a background that includes fashion houses Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan, McKinley prides himself on the attention to detail and creating a seminal vocabulary unique to each property.

Now, Studio Robert McKinley provides interior design, branding, creative direction, and custom furniture design services for boutique hospitality and residential clients, as well as installation projects in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Montauk and beyond. As an individual, Robert McKinley is a designer, hotelier, D.J., artist and creative director, who has fashioned some significant hospitality venues in recent years including The Hall, Ruschmeyer’s, Marion, Sant Ambroeus, GoldBar, and The Surf Lodge. He invested in the success of his designs that he co- founded GoldBar, Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer’s.